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Fineview Step Challenge Part Dué

I was determined to beat last year’s time. The weather was cool 😎 and clear. 1,607 total steps over the course of five miles. I was running 🏃 with the Pitt Space aliens 👽 who are also huge donors to the University: the Gryzwacz … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls Run with Commonwealth Girls

It was seven in the morning. The streets of Niagara Falls, Ontario, 🇨🇦 Canada had not yet filled up with Beetus-Swilling, bloated, del.ic.io.us touristairoos (The fake Brazilian 🇧🇷 word for turistas). I decided to run 🏃 down the hill towards the Falls. It was … Continue reading

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German Expressionist Theatre Presents: A 5.54 Mile Run in Savage Humidity: Botendaddy on Trial for {CENSORED}

[Opens to a stage in a smoke-filled Deutsche film-noir 1920’s style theater.] NARRATOR: [In Weimar-Era top hat and tails] ‘Obviously in every German Expressionist play is the existential-oppositional-nihilist anarchist-deontological-neo-structuralism between Totalitarian Fascism and Extreme Socialism presented in incomprehensible 1920’s dialectic.’ … Continue reading

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