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The execution of Klaus Ferencz-Pareczenethy by his good friend Hermann Flügmeister von Anstädt: An East German Expressionist Play

A NON-DESCRIPT CAMP NEAR PRAHA, FASCIST-ENTITY OCCUPIED TERRITORIES CZECHOSLOVAKIA NOVEMBER 1941 (Barking of German Shepherds, unintelligible shrieking over a loudspeaker 📢 and the sound of marching boots are heard, barbed wire shadow motif across the stage) The camp is grey and … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Calming Meditation in Frightening Times for My Readers: Weimar Cabaret Expressionist Nihilism

WEIMAR CABARET STAGE BOTENDADDY ENTERS STAGE LEFT [Botendaddy bow 🙇 s low with a wave of his top hat 🎩.] “Damen und Herren, Wilkommen und Gruß Gött, many of my readers are frightened and filled with great angst by events we … Continue reading

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