Incident at Thanh Giang Dong Dao: The Cast of Characters

The story of Thanh Giang Dong Dao is essentially a parable. A moral lesson is taught through the philosophical technique of the Dialectic. As there are many places, dates and characters, I will use this page as a running list for the benefit of the reader.


Ben Lebensraum, born 1922 father of Martin

Cheree Deblois, born 1931, Lance’s wife

Chicken USAF, born 1931, Master Sergeant aka Lance Emmanuel Rodriguez Bohannon

Dan Evans, Colonel, born 1930, USMC JAG Corps, trial judge

Dan Strickler, LTC, Commander 1st Battalion 110th Infantry Division

Emmaeus Tennboim, born 1952, defense attorney, Harvard Law School

Joe Smith, Major, born 1898, (Later Col Joe Smith in Korea)

Laura Steinbaum, born 1955 girlfriend of Martin

Martin Lebensraum, born 1952, protagonist HHB, 1st aerial observer team, 1st/235th Rocket Artillery, Vietnam, WVU 1976-1980

Norm Cota, Major General, Commander 28th Infantry Division

Ray Freighley, born 1929, LTC 1/235th Rocket Artillery Commander, Vietnam

The Girl, born 1958 Thanh Giang Dong Dao, Vietnam

Vanh Minh Yi aka Charlie, born 1930, Vinh, Vinnie


Important Dates and Places

28th Infantry Division “Keystone”: Headquarters, Wiltz Castle, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, December 16, 1944

Naktong River, Pusan Perimeter, September 1950

Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, February 25th, 1972

3rd Bde 1st Cav (Greywolf) basecamp March 1st, 1972

Hamlet of Thanh Giang Dong Dao, Quang Tri Province, May 8th 1972

Redwood City, California, January 1973

Braddock Train Coil factory, under the Rankin Bridge, Braddock, PA 1974

South China Sea 1978

Ho Chi Minh City, August 11, 1978

Chin Lee’s Authentic Chinese Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA, November 5th, 1978

WVU October 1979

Preliminary Hearing, Sherman Hall, Ft. Leavenworth, December 1979

Hearing Room, Sherman Hall, Ft. Leavenworth, December 18, 1979

Holding Cell, USDB, December 19, 1979.

Trial Day – Holding Cell Ft. Leavenworth, January 1980


Military Units

1st/235th Rocket Artillery Battalion supporting 3rd Brigade 1st Cavalry Division

27th Infantry Division

28th Infantry Division “Keystone”

3rd Bde 1st Cavalry Division “Greywolf”


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