Cold War Spy Story Part IX: Looking at confetti through a kaleidoscope

Kamchatka Oblast, 22 November 1973

”Komraide ботендаддь! Tempus has Fugivvited. It is time for you to travel to the Great Kapitalist Satan of sexual America.”

Said his Soviet fake parents Slava Ivanovich and Tatania Ivanovich both full-blooded Siberian Esquimaux Soviet Operatives under extreme deep cover Stalin Ultra Top Secret Bolshevik Secreteriat Level IX. {DECLASSIFIED BY COMMUNITY OF INDEPENDENT STATES 3 JANUARY 1991}

They got on a Soviet fishing 🎣 trawler bound for the Island of Attu, Alaska under full comms blackout. 900 Clciks over open water.

The boat landed under cover of darkness, but it was the midnight sun so it was broad daylight. They were met by Esquimaux relatives Steve Israel and Tonia Israel two full-blooded American Esquimaux. Both American operatives under deep cover level IX TSSCI with caveat 9 {DECLASSIFIED BY ORDER OF USDA 3 SEPTEMBER 2013}