How Elevator Buttons Work

As we all know, The Botendaddy is an Engineering Genius. Often people ask me, ‘Botendaddy…how do elevator buttons work? If I push it more often, will it arrive faster?

photography of a woman on elevator
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That is a wonderful question for a budding young scientist.

The answer is a resounding YES!

You see whenever you push an elevator button, as you angrily wait for it to arrive, the following events are set in motion:

1. The Button Press sends a signal ‘High Power’ recognized by the Elevator as  ‘1’ as opposed to ‘Low Power’ or ‘0’.

2. The Button Press or ‘1’ is recorded in a series of electronic registers, one for each floor.

3. Your particular Button Press is duly recorded in the register for your floor.

4. Each time you Press the Button, the number is incremented or increased, from 1 to 10 to 11, to 100 and so on and so forth.

5. Every time you press the button your priority for the elevator to arrive at your floor is increased.

6. If you press your button more than anyone on any other floor, your register will have the highest number.

7. The elevator is constantly checking or ‘polling’ each register in a circular pattern, when it finds the highest number for button presses, it sends the elevator to the floor number for that register first and so on to each floor in sequence based on highest to lowest number of button presses.

8. So yes, Virginia! Press that button – again and again and again and the nifty elevator will get there a lot quicker!