Only Very Stupid People use the Oxford Comma.

A, B and C means A and B and C.

A, B, and C means A and B and and C.

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Literally no-one ever used it prior to about 25 years ago. No one ever.

Its modern pretentious nanny sexually repressed school marm garbage.

It’s as stupid an idea as self-plagiarism.

You can end any German root compound verb phrase with a preposition in English.

You cannot end a Latin root verb phrase with a preposition.

‘An’ always comes before a vowel.

‘A’ comes before a consonant.

‘An’ never comes before an h in American English. I could care less what you do in British English because I’m not British. So go twatting about, you foppish twits!

There is nothing wrong with passive voice. Many illiterate idiots recommend always using active voice because they are too stupid to comprehend mood in writing. Passive voice is also critical for STEM writing because in science 🧬 🧫 🧪 things are acted upon.

Only stupid people can’t tell the difference between its and it’s nor among their, there and they’re. If you get them wrong it’s not a typo, there is some illiteracy there.

If you agree with me, you are steeped in ancient wisdom. if you disagree with me you are a pouting, hideous, drag queen with dramatic, runny mascara warbling a torch song.

Author: The Botendaddy

Maledictus Qui Deridet Nos

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