Restoration of a 50 Year Old Preacher Curl Bench

Gather some cleaning supplies. Just clean off filth first. God only knows what’s on it. Clean as best you can, spider feces, dog feces, human feces. Dead bugs, stains, dirt. I bought the preacher curl for $9.99 at a thrift store. Gym quality probably would now retail for over $229.00. It’s the real deal, maybe a York from about 1972? Real leather. Then sand it down by hand as best you can. Then use the cleaning supplies to clean off the rust powder.

The tools

Use what you can find or buy. Get hand sanders, it’s easier.

The pads

I used leather cleaner. Wiped it down on both sides including the wood.

The frame end view

You’ll want flat black paint. It’s very old school and provide a fine sandy grip.

The frame side view

Paint wherever you see light rust. Then paint everywhere. Clean the bolts with some glass cleaner fluid. Then when it dries, clean it with something like WD-40.

Sticky Pads

The floor pads add a nice touch.

The final product

You will then have to reattach the pads and clean 🧼 the chemical filth off of your hands. I prefer Lava soap. Rips paint right off your hands.

Cleaning Products

Total time about and hour and a half if you use fans to dry the paint 🎨. Ventilate well or you will die.

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