Do you ever wonder how people become the way they are? A path to mindfulness.

We really don’t know what paths people travel to get where they are.

I’ve always believed in paths. I used to take a bus 🚌 from College when I was 18 and I always saw the same long-haired peaceful dude on the bus in the same seat. I don’t remember his name, I think it was Adam.

A path

Many years later, (it had been almost 18 years since I rode that particular route), yet I was on the very same bus. And there was the same dude!

My theory is that we always run into the same people in the same places because people follow comfortable or familiar paths. There may be someone that lives next door, works at an adjacent office or goes to the same school, but we never see them.

I never understood my mother’s politics or beliefs. I always found it radical and annoying. ‘Activist’ was a bad word. But I’ve lately realized that we did not travel the same paths.

But now I am beginning to see the world the same way. After I’ve witnessed terrible inhumanity overseas and at home and experienced tremendous personal tragedy and observed the descent into maelstrom in our larger society, I now understand what horrors she witness in her life, both personal and societal.

I have learned this: nothing good lasts forever and nothing bad lasts forever.

I don’t have a call to action. I don’t have a cause. I don’t recommend a belief system.

I am immensely flawed as are all humans. One must forgive oneself for being flawed or one is doomed to accept such flaws and never achieve peaceful equilibrium.

We have to stop thinking of ourselves as ‘bad’. We have to forgive and release our pasts and the pasts of others. We have to stop worrying about a future that we can only guide to the best of our capabilities.

We have to contemplate and enjoy the now. It’s the only moment we have.

Can we seek to understand others without first understanding ourselves? I don’t know.

I have to cure myself first, with contemplative reading 📖, the enjoyment of occasional silence and finding a peaceful path to walk… not with any specific purpose in mind, but rather for its own sake.

It won’t be easy.

Can I find wisdom in Buber, Merton and Hanh?  I don’t know 🤷‍♂️.

Peace ☮️ be the Botendaddy



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