Where in the World is the Botendaddy?

I had to get away… for inspiration.

So I took a walk through the woods from Utonic Manor and I ended up here:

Side view of the Kaufmann House

We have nice things in our neighborhood, you dig?

I was walking with the Boten-Daughter through the grounds and the house at Fallingwater. Then we went down to the water’s edge at Ohiopyle.

The Boten-Daughter appreciates art and she creates art.

She once met Peter Max and they had a long conversation about his childhood in China.

She recently created a Peter Max inspired abstract design sketch that is nothing short of spectacular. She created a mindscape worthy of Vaughan Bodé. I would show it here, but I can’t display her work without permission.

I thought about the 25 years when the Kaufmann’s dwelt at Fallingwater. The quiet evenings, the parties with intimate guests. The House is so alive. The grounds so uncluttered and clean.

Then, I think of Utonic Manor, ancient, thick with a spiderweb of macabre vines, Old moss-covered stairwells and funereal gates, swampy woodlands and haunted dead trees.

If ye should travel up ancient Washington Road, to the ancient Countie of Fayette in the Free and Accepted Commonwealth of the Hon. Quaker Wm. Penn past a multitude of 18th Century White Stone cursive Mileposts ‘97 Miles to Wheeling’ take a turn and visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob and Fallingwater. Take a walk on the Rocks next to Ohiopyle.

It’s not terribly far from D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, if you have an extra day, you can get here from New York, Buffalo, Cleveland or Delaware, so if you happened to be in these very separate, isolated and fully independent United States 🇺🇸, take a drive down.

Peace be the Botendaddy


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