Mac Miller, Blue Slide Park, Colfax Elementary and the Legends of Squirrel Hill

The passing of Mac Miller showcased an interesting phenomenon.

One of the greatest urban neighborhoods in the entire United States with its own legends and its own history was put on the map by Mac Miller and also Wiz Khalifa.

Frick Park Mac Miller Memorial

The truth is… the death of Mac Miller was devastating for Squirrel Hill, Point Breeze, Pittsburgh and Allderdice High School.


The epic fortune of the rise of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller from Allderdice within five years of each other is nothing short of amazing. Will Squirrel Hill now fade away? I don’t know.

Blue Slide Park

Every generation of kids had their own stories and experiences over the decades. I am going to try to bring this to life with a fictionalized account of one family. I will focus on real places and real events.

I’m not from Pittsburgh, but I ended up here at various times.

There have been a few Pittsburgh focused shows, maybe the most successful have been Mr. Rogers, Queer as Folk and This is Us, not to mention the recent discovery of the plays of August Wilson.

The story will cover 225 years of Squirrel Hill history told from the perspective of one family of Jewish Peddlers who showed up on the Allegheny Mountain frontier in the year 1793.

The Story is told through a group of friends who live in Squirrel Hill from 1970-2020. They find a portal in Schenley Park Created by a mad Carnegie Tech Professor, which portal allows them to move back and forward in time at will.

(See the Legends of Squirrel Hill above)





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