1949 Brownie Hawkeye Camera 1975 GE 3-5308 Cassette Recorder and Dynamic 500R Microphone

The Botendaughter is retro: she spins vinyl, takes black and white photos and records audio analog.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye ca. 1949

The Brownie was the great American post-WWII Camera 📷 that went on Griswold type vacations from 1949-1961. A true piece of Americana… manufactured in France 🇫🇷.

I’m going to order film and flashbulbs. It was quick work to fix the viewfinder and clean up. The flash stand requires two c-cell batteries.

The bulbs are GE 5B and the film is TX 120, 35mm. The black and white quality is in-sane. I got this one in Penn Hills at the Thrift King.

1975 GE Cassete Recorder and 🇯🇵 Dynamic 500R Microphone 🎤

The cassette recorder is perfect. I got it in Canonsburg at a store located at Jefferson and Pike.

I have ONN and Maxwell cassettes.

The mic is 3.5 mm analog jack, clear quality. Goodwill Monroeville purchase.

Not everything new is Good. Do not buy new microphones 🎤 with 3.5mm jacks! They suck. USB is for babies. Digital is for infants. Grow up and get analog, you foppish, pompous, preening, ridiculous twats!

We are restoring a Bell and Howell 8mm Projector 📽 next and a film reviewer/editor. The Bell and Howell is in bad shape.

Peace be the Botendaddy


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