Rando LP Collection Review

Break out your turntable.

Get out some LP’s.

Stack three.

Set to 33 rpm and size 12

Hit auto

LP’s Albums 33’s

Herb 🌿 Alpert: The Lonely Bull. Like Al Hirt, one of my favorite Trumpet 🎺 players ever. Sorry 😐 I don’t worship at the altar of Miles Davis, he bores the f@&$ out of me. Great Album by Herb and the TJB.

The Sting Soundtrack: Scott Joplin Great movie, reintroduced America to the amazing Scott Joplin, King of ragtime.

Tom Jones Greatest Hits: Tom Jones ultra-60’s-hip.

Grease Soundtrack featuring Sha-Na-Na. Hated the movie, a lot… but I live Sha-Na-Na.

Lucky Strike: ‘Remember how Great’ light jazz and big band collection. Awesome stuff, like Xavier Cugat. Big Band.

I picked up this ‘rando’ collection at the Goodwill (Pronounced Ghutt-wheel). Check for deep scratches. Check for grotesque stains and caked on food.

40’s-70’s mix.


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