Botendaddy LP Review: Welk, Whispers and Bonoff

The albums

I was 🏋️ working out 💪 in the massive Botendaddy gym in one of the myriad (Pronounced My-rid) catacombs of ancient Haunted Utonic Manor.

My floppy drive still works

I was working out with free-weights and plate-loaded machines.

We took three albums out of the box and we played them on the ancient stereo system.

The Lawrence Welk Album led (lead?) off with ‘Winchester Cathedral’ still an awesome tune. It was generally listenable but had a real Austin Powers 60’s vibe. You have to be ultra-retro reverse hip to dig on Lawrence Welk.

Karla Bonhoeffer had a distinct Carly Simon-like sound on some of her tunes. Kind of a romantic mood music 70’s kind of sound. ‘Lose again’ is particularly worth a listen’. Clean and well-performed, though. Apparently she became a renowned songwriter and she’s still touring at 66 and still looks as good as she did in the 70’s.

The Whispers played a lot of 70’s staples. They were an LA troupe. The Album was mostly romantic Soul. ‘Lady’ is a classic.

Peace be the Botendaddy



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