Abandoned Places Chapter Five – Apocalypse New York

Apocalypse Day Five – Mission: New York

Willa woke up. Didn’t check her cell phone. She went directly to the shower. Her roommate was gone, he usually left early. The cat was up and about, Abby liked company but not too close.

It was another day. A Thursday. She had to be at work. She finished her shower and she got dressed. She checked her phone. No signal. She made breakfast. Fiddled with the phone. No signal. Usually she could hear the elevator.

She opened the door to the terrace and she sat down outside. It took a minute to realize that there was no traffic on the Williamsburg bridge. No cars, no trains, no bicycles, no pedestrians. She peered down to the courtyards twenty stories below. No people.

The Williamsburg Bridge

She went in and turned on the TV. No signal. Maybe a cell tower was out or even a main trunk line. Was it a holiday? Was the bridge closed for repairs? Where was everyone else? Terrorism? Gas leak? Hmm. Better to take a look. She got her dad’s binocs. She scanned the horizon.

What if there was a problem? Water. Water is key. She filled up all the sports bottles with drinking water and the pitchers.

If there was a problem, she would wait at least 24 hours. If they were rounding up people or if it wasn’t safe to be out, she would need one full cycle to diagnose it. Wanda was an engineer by trade. She needed a proof of concept and a test.

She walked down her hall, ringing each doorbell. They were the old New York mechanical push-button bells. No answer. She could hear little dogs barking. What if everyone was gone? Would thebowners come back? Could she break in?

She risked the elevator. She went to the basement. The super’s door was unlocked. She grabbed the entire key box and a set of tools.

She took the elevator back up to her apartment. 7:30 AM. She opened the door to her apartment. Then the power went out.

Next Mission: Navigate the Roads to Sideling Hill

I had a wind-up watch. I would wake up in the pitch dark every hour. I finally woke up at 0430. I took a shower in the gym by the light of my flashlight. Getting dressed was an elaborate ritual.

Andrea, Bethany and Michael were still asleep. ‘Boo’ the rather atrociously-named dog was awake. He was following me around, fascinated with my activity. I poured him a container of water that I got from the office kitchen. I fed him some jerky. The dog was calm, so I can assume that there were no other people anywhere close to our refuge.

In the morning we were able to take showers. Apparently the Office park had its own water cistern somewhere. Good point to remember.

We continued on our way. It was amazing how much debris was on the roadway. We  went slow, no more than 20-30 mph. Any faster was too high of a risk.

He wondered who else was out there. For some reason he thought of his co-worker from many years ago. Willa the engineer.




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