Poem: A Millennial got hit by a Car

A Millennial got hit by a car 🚘

His body didn’t travel far

The city intersection

His gaze avoiding the Don’t Walk sign

It was dark, but he never paid no mind

Earbuds deep in over-sized ears  👂

Stretched by earlobe rings, without any fear

Just indie music 🎼 straight maybe queer 🌈

Signs don’t matter, nor dark nor rain

This nimrod, he might lose half his brain 🧠

Hope it was the half that he never used

Then the Heat 👮 🚓 came out, flashing reds and blues

Did you hear the thump my dear?

Thumps I hear and thumps I hear

This is just another thump, but this one was near

Blyaat! I said, Russian car crash video number 38

He entered the crosswalk a little bit late

A Millennial got hit by a 🚙 car, did you know him? They inquired

Oh I know him, I said, there’s always another, some Millennial boy, with circuits re-wired

You ask if I know him, of course I do

I know him, he’s not like me or you

We stop 🛑 look and listen 👂 crossing the street

We smile and wave at people we meet

Don’t wear no earbuds or smoke rancid meth

We watch the walk signs and never risk death 💀

I have known this Millennial before, who decorated this crosswalk

I’ve heard all the talk

I never saw his earbuds at all

I never saw his Titanfall

But I have known this Millennial

I have always heard him go splat

I have always shouted Blyaat!

I have closed my sympathy-ears under and over

I saw him Cross the road, but I did not run him down

Yet you ask if I know him, this ridiculous clown 🤡

I do know him, that much is true

A Millennial ass-hat, and you know him too

Peace be the Botendaddy


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