Review: The Crossbreed

We has Reader’s Digest Condensed Books 📚 on our shelves forever. Until after we moved the 20th odd time and the books got donated to some library.

Classic Americana

It was Volume 74, Number 3. 1968. We also had Encyclopedia Britannica, Britannica for kids and the Britannica Year in Review. We essentially had the manual Internet in our home. We also had original National Geographic every issue from 1916-1975. Every single one. We had every issue of National Lampoon from April 1970 to December 1979. All gone now.

I used to read a lot as a kid 🧒. I found the Reader’s Digest Condensed 📚 📖 Books. If you find them in a used Bookstore pick them up. Put down your electronic horse 🐎 crap 💩 and read.

So I read the Story by Allan Eckert: “The Crossbreed” It was about the lifelong fight for survival of a bobcat-housecat crossbreed, and his relationship with a farm boy.

It’s not corny like you might think 🤔. It was gripping. It’s essentially allegorical for coming of age but told from the cat’s 🐈 perspective. It is gritty and realistic. It’s a good read for anyone literally 8-80.

I almost forgot the book, or condensed book, but it may be the first book I ever read. As I’ve turned you on to Karinthy and Shirley Jackson and James Thurber and Gwendolyn Brooks and Carl Sandburg and Chinua Achebe I hope you will enjoy Allan Eckert. A terribly underrated writer.

For Americana, damn close to best of genre.

Kids, it’s 2017, get on y’all’s Internets and find the damn book 📖.

Peace be the Botendaddy


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