LP Review: Graham Central Station and Joe Maize

Joe Maize and the Cordsmen with autographed photo from 1958

Yes, the Mambo No. 5  as an instrumental based on the 1950 original by Dámaso Pérez Prado. A Misirlou version was also on this album. This was apparently a demo album on Decca Records cut in 1958.

Joe Maize née Joseph A. Mazzola was from New Jersey. He died in Reno in 1988. He apparently played Vegas for years. His family remembered him quite warmly, per some articles I saw online.

I watched a YouTube video of their appearance on the Patty Page show. They were wacky and energetic with String bass, electric ⚡️ keyboard ⌨️ , violin 🎻 and accordion.

The trio played at a club in Pittsburgh called ‘Ankara’ on April 30, 1956. I could work that into one of my stories. Imagine the healthy delicious 😋 hearty wholesome radioactive nicotine and reefersticks being roaked in that shitty dive by dames and gents.

I’m not sure how to describe them. Instrumental music 🎶 with some Spanish lyrics in the background. Some accordion and violin 🎻. Some weird faux-Hawaiian music. OK 👌 I have no idea 💡 what kind of music this was, but apparently it was popular in the late 1950’s.

I found the photo inside the album jacket. It’s OK to listen to while working out. Maybe they were the 1950’s version of the 1989’s Neue Deutsche Welle 🌊 band ‘Trio’.

NOTE: If anyone from any of the families of the band members sees this article, post a comment here and I will send you the album and the signed photograph.

The other album was Graham Central Station, Warner Brothers, 1974 which was headed by Larry Graham, late of Sly and the Family Stone. Classic 70’s funk. Starts out well with great funky beats, then it slows down a bit.

Albums by the 1970’s became cohesive compositions rather then just compilations of hits, so you could have songs written merely to compliment the other tunes in the album.

Oh, I had forgotten. LP’s skip, skip, skip, so you have to gently smack the record player.

Peace be the Botendaddy


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