Only a Stupid Moron Would Trade Phil Kessel and I have no Idea nor do I care what a Corsi is.

“You have have to be clinically f&cktarded  to trade Phil Kessel. Pittsburgh loves Kessel. Kessel looks like a hockey fan. He’s like a regular Joe.” I said to Freaky Tattooed Canadian Chick (READER 🚨 ALERT: BOTENDADDY JUMPS SHARK 🦈 ADDS NEW CHARACTER)”

No idea what this is

“Look, I’m getting a Doctorate in Epidemiology, I know my statistics. Only stupid sh!t-eating fantasy sports playing pimple faced losers care about a Corsi statistic. Just stick to plus/minus, eh? That’s the only defensive stat anyone cares about (pronounced ah-boooot). Does their organization (pronounced organ-eye-zayshun) care about anything else? She gibberized.

“Also, FTCC, I hate the song ‘Pretty Woman’ it’s awful, boring, atonal, stupid, shitty and overplayed and Orbison sucks rancid goat balls. And the movie sucked too. Hookers are mostly miserable druggies who don’t want to be ‘rescued’.” I pontificated.

“How did you trick me into helping you clean out your office? You are a revolting, disgusting, creepy, perverted, ancient, smelly freak. Make love ❤️ to me now on your heavily Lysol-wipes-cleaned desk. I demand it! I need it! F@&k me you stupid hideous freak!”

“Cinammon Cold Brew?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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