A Leisurely 10k Trail Run on a Mysteriously Cool Morning

They were all gone, scattered to the four winds. Sure some of the members of the Writer’s Workshop were still around.

Some were going to follow Devon to the poetry Workship.

The *gay* Gang of Four were going to join a gay themed gay Writers gay 🌈 Workshop that was gay-oriented that was run by a straight lady.

The Voat Fat People Hat Verified Shitlady and the Caribbean Queen went to Club Med to meet hot young dudes. The professor retired. The CEO is still moving money around.

The Punker Model Writer Chick got a job as a technical writer and she’s applying for a Masters Program.

The Stalker met a guy who loves being stalked and they are engaged.

Hiroyuki is still finishing her degree but she went back to Vancouver for the month of August.


Rapids at the trailhead

I thought I had escaped (pronounced Exxxx-Kaighped) them all. I was warming up at the trailhead. When I felt a creepy hand on my left gluteus (pronounced butt-tocque).

It was the Weird Foreign Doctor 👨‍⚕️ Chick 🐥.

“I want to run with you today. Now that all those shit-heads are gone. Devils. Bastards. Can I show you my t!t5?”


The 🌳 deciduous forest canopy

“There’s kids out here hiking with their parents! Put your weird, sweaty, del.ic.io.us foreign, little, tasty, yellow-brown, mountainous, yummy t1tt135 away for Khufu’s sake! Do you want Trump to deport you?”

We ran slowly but steadily. We just didn’t want to run fast.

“How did you find me?”

“I came to see you at your University Research Office. I saw you loading that Jeep that you stole from somewhere. So I followed you for 22 miles on back roads to your usual remote trailhead.


Look, a New Yorker found authentic Pennsylvania 5h1t!

“Hey this bridge is authentic old Pennsylvania 5h1t. I have an idea. Let’s go back to your airfield, have Jones fly us to your secret laboratory at Kinzua Dam, and let’s f@&k wildly on the plane. I want you to utterly have your way with me until I am soiled in every possible place. Ah the smell of it! I want to reek of your manhood! In my country, it is honorable for a young professional woman to be utterly defiled by a creepy, ugly, hideous diaper-wearing Frankenstein. Ah the smell of it!”

We ran all the way to the next trailhead, then we turned around. We stopped at 10 kilometers and we walked the rest of the way.


Flash Flood

“Look, you’re a professional young woman. You went to a top American Medical School. You could find a nice professional man your age.”

“Oh, I suppose I could meet some White Devil and be part of some professional power couple, have a big 👰 🎩 wedding in Rhode Island with some Whitey and go to gallery openings and fundraisers and go yachting at Bimini wherever the f&ck that is. Or we could keep hanging out in this weird, artistic, post-industrial city. Maybe I’m madly, passionately, romantically in love with 😍 you in a tragic early-1800’s melancholy American Romantic Literature Edgar Allan Poe sort of way, you stupid, ancient freak. And now that those other stupid cvnt5 aren’t around, I can have you all to myself. F@&k me goddamn you! You aged American Devil!”

“Cinammon Latte?”

Peace be the Botendaddy



About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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