Things that Suck

The ‘Aristocrats’ joke sucks.

Traffic sucks.

Waiting sucks.

Talking to people first thing in the morning sucks.

Talking to strangers sucks.

People who get offended by what I say suck goat anus.


Random Nature Shot

Pretending to be nice to people sucks.

Pretending to be interested in people’s kids sucks.

To be honest, I love people, but they sort of hate me. So trying to make appropriate small talk sucks.

Writing a thesis sucks.

Missing Annabel Lee sucks.

My thesis sucks.

Family holidays with extended family sucks, well they are all dead now.

Thanksgiving sucks.

Politics sucks.

Talking about politics suck.

People who talk about politics suck.

Eating healthy sucks.

Healthy food sucks, it tastes like death.

Running sucks.

People who hate the Botendaddy suck greasy baboon balls.

People who don’t ‘like’ Botendaddy posts, suck… unless they happen to be my followers, then I love you unconditionally.

Gluten-free sucks.

Sugar-free sucks.

Liver and Yams sucks.

Hot weather sucks.

iPhones suck.

iPhones that don’t ever lock suck.

The iPhone MapMyRun App ‘pause’ feature sucks gangrenous sloth balls.

United still sucks.

Inattentive, lazy, stupid, shit-covered waitresses suck. (want a better tip? Don’t suck!)

Losing Bonino, Kunitz, Fleury, Hainsey and Daley sucks.

Humidity sucks.

Insects suck. Except Praying Mantises, which are kind of cool.

Lexuses suck.

Green tea sucks.

Skim milk sucks.

1% milk sucks.

2% milk sucks.

I dont care if you smoke. I don’t smoke, but you can, I just don’t care.

People who say ‘whatever’ suck.

People who say ‘no-one cares’ suck.

People who complain suck.

Hyper-sensitive people suck.

Most professional athletes suck.

The NBA sucks. (I miss Connie Hawkins and Dr. J. and Darryl Dawkins and Rodman)

Penn State still sucks.

Rain sucks.

Sunny days suck.

Tests sucks.

Homework sucks.

Listening sucks.

Paying attention sucks. (What were you saying? Sorry you boring f*&k, I wasn’t listening)

Airplane travel sucks.

Bus travel sucks on Mega-bus.

Amtrak is f&^ing awesome. Listen my dear non-U.S. readers, if you aren’t banned by Trump, if you visit America, take Amtrak. It is awesome!

I just got a sleeper berth down to Washington D.C. and back. Meals included, showers in the sleeper car four.. FOUR bathrooms!

Pretending to be patient sucks.

Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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