Botendaddy Publishes Actual Names of Kosby Jurors

We sat poolside on her rooftop condo in Wheeling, West Virginia.

“I’m running a 10k tomorrow, Butler or Robinson, I’m not sure yet. But first I am publishing the names of the Allegheny County Kosby Jurors.. FREE THAT [   ] BILL KOSBY!” I said.


Wheeling, WVA

“Botendaddy, this is dangerous! You should not do this!” Said the CEO

“But.. I have to… in the name of… Journalism!”

“Oh I love it when you talk sexy!” She said

“OK, Everyone, here’s the list:

Juror #1 Shapp Bapp Bebap from Wilmerding Pa, Bolean, Male? Age 637 Space Years (20 in Human Years) Occupation, Student, University of Pittsburgh

Juror #2 WaLuigi Machismo Donatellini from Tarentum, PA, Mediterranean, Male, Age 39 Years Old, Occupation, Sous-Chef

Juror #3 Jabba Shaquille Tennboim, from Squirrel Hill, PA, Ethnicity Incomprehensible, Male, Age 33, Occupation – Muscular River-Stevedore Hung? YES!!!

Juror #4 Fannie Mae Sally Mae, from Moon Township, PA, Ethnicity Mixed, Female, Age 23, Occupation *Hot* Escort”

Juror #5 Evgeni Alexandreiovich Krepotkin, from Sharpsburg, PA, Ethnicity Caucasian (no he’s actually from the Caucasus, like Evgeni Malkin), Male Age, Unknown, Occupation Baker

“Enough! This list is Bull$h!t! These are fake f&%king names! You click-baiting 455h0l3! OMFG! You suckered me in! That makes me want to f%$k” Screeched the CEO.

“OK, So I lied.”

“Mango Mocha?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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