TV Review: ‘I’m Dying up Here’ is dying up there.

By the way, I absolutely hate Star Wars. Ever since the goddamned Ewoks-let’s sell kids Teddy Bears! Moichandizing!

Space-balls is much better. The only characters I liked from Star Wars were Jabba, Chewbacca and Jar-Jar (because everyone else hated him).

Was Boba Fett in any of the series? Who the f&$& was he? I never heard of the mother-f@&$?

Jim Carrey, who I used to think was funny, now strikes me as one of those Lucille Ball types who were supposedly rather humorless off stage and for whom humor is only an act. I have no personal knowledge, it’s just what I read. But at any rate, I liked Ace Ventura and I liked him on Living Colors.

His new show about stand-up comedy is so goddamned boring I feel like Alexander DeLarge being subject to anti-ultra violence therapy with my eyes forcibly held open.

Along with the horrifically over-done social-racial moralizing (because we’re too stupid to get it when it’s subtle) the evil racist straw-man, object-lesson puppeteer… blah blah blah… it’s borderline unwatchable.

Apparently, I missed almost all of Season Three of Fargo. The first episode which (not ‘that’ – I don’t need the goddamned illiterate Microsoft grammar check to rectally rape my correct grammar in its gaping anus) I watched was boring with unappealing characters and an incomprehensible plotline. I am already done, I will not watch episode two.

‘The Great Indoors’, a show about a 40-something dealing with millennials was quite funny, but got cancelled anyway. I guess the super-boring crap is more popular.

Peace be the Botendaddy



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