Covfefe Explained

The Professor stood in front of the Writer’s Workshop.

“Today class we define the American word ‘Covfefe’ am. n.”

“It is an ancient word going back to the founding of our nation. It has deep, mysterious, masonic roots. It means: …”

The CEO raised her hand. “Professor, I believe it originated in the year 1830 as a bastardization of the Cherokee word ‘Ka-fa-fa-fi-ni-wa’ meaning:…”

Next was the Librarian. “No it comes from the days of the first railroad workers from  China. The Cantonese word was ‘Co-be-ba-no-chi-fa’ which means:…” She was interrupted by Big Chief Guyasuta.

“You are all wrong, it comes from Colonel Cove-fifillian of the Royal Colonial Erie Regiment in 1757. It means:…”

He was cut off by the Park Ranger. “‘Cove-FiFi’ was a huge drag queen in Cincinnati back in the 1950’s burlesque scene. It means:…”

“You don’t understand, said Ramon. It is a term from natural history coined by Charles Darwin on the Galapagos when he landed at Cove Fiphilanos, the term actually means:…”

The Voat Fat People Hate Verified Shitlady held up her palm to Ramon’s face. “It comes from the Caribbean Club Med scene: it’s when two guys and a girl…”

The Stalker cut her off just in time. Look, it’s a French word from the time of King Louis XIV: ‘Qu’aviez vous fous fais?’ It means:…”

“Enough. Said the Punker Model Writer Chick. It’s from a Tennessee Williams or Tennessee Tuxedo? (Penguin) play meaning ‘Catfish-Tosser'”

“Bottled Cold Brew?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


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