Who are the Characters of the Writer’s Workshop?

In response to overwhelming audience demand, I lay it out as best I can.

Activity: The Writer’s Workshop, 2006-Present
location: Bolean Nationality Classroom, Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh
leader: The Professor
literary critic in residence: the Botendaddy


The Writers Workshop at Night

name: The Botendaddy
age: unknown
lives: Utonic Mansion, Olde Uniontowne, PA and scattered condos
born: Cooperstown, New York
height: 6’4″
weight: 198
tan: perfect
profession: Research Scientist
studying: Master’s of Obscure Science
veteran: U.S. 1st Cavalry Division
run: 5k

name: Voat Fat People Hate Verified Shitlady
born: US Virgin Islands
age: 29
studying: Master’s English Writing St. Vincent’s Jesuit College, Latrobe, PA
lives: Ligonier, PA
run: 10k

name: Chief Guyasuta
born: Aspinwall, PA
age: 42
ethnicity: 100% Native American
lives: Aspinwall, PA
profession: Actuary
studying: creative writing, adult education Community College of Allegheny County
run: half-marathon

name: Ramon
born: El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina
age: 27
orientation: gay, *hot*
hobby: bodybuilder
lives: Downtown Pittsburgh
studying: Sports Management at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
run: 5k

name: Park Ranger
born: Oakland, Maryland
orientation: ‘gayerer’
hobbies: weightlifting
lives: Zelionople, PA
studying: Public Administration at Robert Morris, Moon Township, PA
age: 32
run: 5k

name: Librarian
born: Washington, DC
profession: Deep State Federal Worker
Veteran: USAF Afghan/Iraq Vet
lives: Southside Flats, PA
studying: Master’s in Writing, Distance Learning, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA
run: Marathon


The Faculty Club

name: Punker Model Writer Chick
age: 20
born: Upper East Side of Manhattan
lives: Squirrel Hill, PA
studying: BA in English at the Pitt English Writing Department
run: 5k

name: Professor
born: Modesto, California
profession: Professor of American Literature University of Pittsburgh
lives: Greenfield, PA
age: 75
run: 5k

name: Hiroyuki
ethnicity: Japanese-Canadian
born: Vancouver, BC, Canada
veteran: Royal Canadian Air Force, Afghan Vet
studying: Master’s Pitt Philosophy department
lives: Shadyside, PA
age: 25
run: 5k

name: CEO
born: Point Pleasant, WVA
studying: Doctorate in Business Administration, Carnegie-Mellon Heinz School
lives: Wheeling, WVA
age: 50
run: 5k

name: The Stalker
age: 31
born: Youngstown, OH
studying: Masters in English Literature, Chatham University
lives: Ben Avon, PA
run: 5k


Botendaddy’s office at the University

name: Swole’ Bro’
age: 20
born: Philadelphia, PA
studying: BA, English Literature and Education, University of Pittsburgh, School of Education
lives: Point Breeze, PA
run: 15k

name: Devon
born: Ablemarle, NC
studying: Master’s Technical Writing School of Information Science
lives: Polish Hill, PA
age: 29
run: Ultra

name: Weird Foreign Doctor Chick
born: Nepal?
lives: Bloomfield, PA
age: 28
profession: Physician
studying: Master’s of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh
run: 5k

name: The Carribbean Queen
born: Blue Mountain Peak, Jamaica
studying: Master’s English Literature, University of Pittsburgh
age: 24
run: 5k

name: No-one Cares Lady
born: Lansing, MI
studying: Master’s ESL, La Roche College, Ross Township, PA
lives: South Fayette Township, PA
age: 38
run: 10k


The puppy

name: Rôchibauld Sächse-Heutélièr
born: Leipzig, DDR
lives: unknown
profession: Artist
studying: Master’s, Early 20th Century Literature, Carnegie-Mellon University
age: 55
run: 5k

name: The Chasey Lady
born: Upper St. Clair, PA
lives: Upper St. Clair, PA
occupation: unknown
age: 44
run: ultra

name: Gryzwacz
ethnicity: Bolean, extra-terrestrial
studying: B.S., Astronomy and Physics, University of Pittsburgh
color: silver-blue
run: 10k


Gryzwacz, posing in the Bolean Nationality Classroom, Photo Courtesy of mr_t_77 https://flickr.com/photos/21992612@N03/6080697594


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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