Why I Love Ringo, and If you don’t, Bugger Right Off Then! Let’s go, pip pip get Move On!

Devon spoke first.

“In ‘the ghetto’, ‘THE GHETTO’ VERY 70s! Albeit borrowed from the Venetians. As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself. Sometimes someone disagrees with some gangsta’ and his response is not a polite acknowledgement, but a F*&k You! You Jive-ass Mother &^%$er! You don’t even acknowledge the Jive Turkey. No word in ‘The Ghetto’ is stronger than Jive. It is beyond away from any degree of cool or ‘hip to it’. It is an unredeemable state of the human character to thus… be..  jive… But you all know that I am a drummer. Even though I am a blacque man, I play rock n’ roll drums. I guess I’m too ‘jive‘ for hip-hop. So yes, I love Ringo. Listen to the isolated triple kick pedal on the isolated Drums from Good Morning Good Morning. I am tired of having to acknowledge other great drummers, so to everyone who doesn’t respect Ringo’s drumming, say: F*&k You! You Jive-ass Mother &^%$er!


The City

“I agree heartily with your assessment of Ringo and of your use of the term Jive. For example, United Airlines is ‘Jive’.” I said.

Hiroyuki was back. “By the way f*&ktard, my name is not Heroku or Hiroku it’s f*&king Hiroyuki. You’ve f*&ked me like 33 times, try to remember my f*&king name, Yon aged Botendaddy. Like all people of Japanese ancestry I love the Beatles and I’m way hotter than Yoko. But yes, I think Yoko is cool and Ringo is the greatest drummer and the coolest Beatle so I say: F*&k You! You Jive-ass Mother &^%$er!”

“No-one cares about Neal Peart or Dave Gorhl whoever the f&*k they are or even John… Henry… Bonham. I love Ringo, and if you don’t than No-one cares except to say: F*&k You! You Jive-ass Mother &^%$er!”

The professor looked at her group with the usual disapproval. “For once I agree with you idiots. Since I’m old enough to remember Ringo in his prime. gene Krupa, Buddy Rich were solid. So OK if you don’t like Ringo then: F*&k You! You Jive-ass Mother &^%$er! Botendaddy, I need to see you after the workshop… privately.”

“Iced Vanilla Latte?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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