Rochibauld Sachse-Heutelier Speaks out about the Hitler Controversy

KHS: “Ja, Leute, this is Karl-Heinz Schnellebakker again with an interview with former East German Rock Star and nihilist writer Rochibauld. Moin-Moin, Meinem Geehteren Herr. Zigaretu?”

RSH: “Kissy face Meinerem Geehrterer Herr. I have brought coffee from New York State. It is grown at 5,700 feet in February on Mt. Marcy when it is 59 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. It is hand picked by neo-proto Mohawk Warriors from the New York National Guards.”

KHS: “It is racist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic and anti-American-Indian phobic to force them to such high altitudes. It is as if a demonic, satanic, evil President Woodrow Wilson came back to life, Like in ‘Pet Sematery’, that derivative tripe by King.”

RSH: “Certainly Wilson is the evil undead. But let’s talk about my supposed grandfather as it been confirmed by DNA testing. The jingoistic leather clad shrieking anti-Wilson, aka the Fuhrer, a genocidal maniac in his own right. Not a great man like Friedrich der Gross.”

Shrieking head of Demonic racist Wilson with genocidal Versailles Treaty

KHS: “Der Koenig rief, und alle alle kommen?”

RSH: “So this Trump, this Jingoistic Masculine overlord of the Amerikkanischer Leute, however not as demonic as Wilson.”

KSH: “His spokesman was unaware of the Zyklon-B gas. Like Georg Kaiser’s Gas I.”

RSH: “So from a strictly detached philosophical viewpoint we are discussing the mass genocide of some 13 million innocents including over a million defenseless children.”

KHS: “This Kaffee is excellent! So we were in discussion of mass genocide of children?”

RSH: “Ja, meng Haar, der Fuhrer obviously was fixated at a pre-Oedipal stage of psycho-sexual development where he viewed the woman as fertility symbol and as an all devouring mother figure leading to angst reaction-formation and homosexual panic, much like the id repression and ego compensation of the demonic Woodrow Wilson.”

KHS: “Ja this Mt. Marcy coffee is delectable.”

Peace be the Botendaddy


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