The Benefits of Fasting: Whatever happened to the Liter Leader?

I got a text from Hiroyuki.

We texted about fasting once a week, water only to remove toxins from the body and rest the pancreas. It may be beneficial to fast for 72 hours. Of course never ever fast without talking to your licensed physician first in case you have ‘Condishuns’ as the Voat FPHV Sh!tlady would say.

I told Hiro I would try it.

We texted about famous commercials that have disappeared.


Look at that Puppy!

Liter Leader was a famous PSA (Public Service Announcement) on American television. It’s literally disappeared from everywhere. Sure, you can see the Crying Indian, but where is:

  • The Liter Leader PSA!!! I found him!!! He tried to teach us the Communist Bolshevik, Gulag, Great Purge, Stalinistic, Pinko Metric System. But they don’t have his song. See Metric Marvels on Youtube also see generally e.g., at. al. etc., Metric Marvels on Wikipedia. I wrote to NBC and did a product request.
    • Speaking of Gulag (pronounced Goo-laaaaaaaaaaaaaag) “Who runs Bartertown?”
  • The ‘Did ya, did ya get the job?’ PSA where the brother-man got denied again by Jive-ass-Bobo-Whitey and has to tell his disappointed wife and sad baby.
  • The ‘the baby’s been eating paint chips off the wall… PSA’ As the lethargic woman holding the drooling sick baby is seemingly powerless to stop her baby from eating peeling paint chips off the Landlord Mr. Charlie-Ofay-Devil-man’s wall.

Regular Commericals:

  • ‘I flipped over Elmo’s Moscato.’

Modern commercials are shitty.

“Hazelnut Latte?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


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Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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