Happy, Uplifting: More Things I Love and Hate

OK, the last post was depressing.

Don’t worry, readers, Hiroyuki is OK. She had some things to work out. Her parents brought her back to Vancouver for the summer and she is at some form of a Canadian Veteran’s hospital outpatient clinic thing, so she is incommunicado. She left a note which she asked me to post. I will do that later on.

The Stalker is group leader for the summer.

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Our summer theme is 18th Century American Short Stories 1750-1800.

I have three weight workouts to go to hit 600 since 2011.

I’m on track to break my all time mileage for a year, running.

I now have 21 of 24 books of Joy Littell’s Man Literary Series, with two on order, but I can’t find ‘Man in the Expository Mode’ Book for for under $500.00.

I love Chinua Achebe.

I love Jon Dos Passos.

I love Joy Littell.

I hate running.

I hate censorship.

I love unfettered Freedom of Speech.

I hate people who run on treadmills and think it counts: IT DOES NOT!

I love mini indoor tracks like 110 and 220 tracks.

I hate the metric system.

I love the English system.

I love the original version of Steve Miller’s ‘Space Cowboy’

I hate incandescent light in the office.

I hate weirdos who turn down off the fluorescent lights in their offices and turn on tiny incandescent lamps.

I hate people who down-vote me on Reddit.

I don’t care about online trolls.

I hate most fantasy films.

I love Beastmaster and Conan.

I hate Sam Gamgee and Frodo, but Bilbo was cool.

I like Smaug more than Bilbo.

I love the Mississippi State girls basketball team.

I love people who upvote me.

I love people who like my posts.

I love my readers. They are beautiful.

I love the Writer’s Workshop.

I love the Boleans. (Not Bolians)

I hate people who say why can’t you understand on Reddit, when it’s not that I don’t understand it’s that I don’t agree with them.

I hate people from either side who are too political.

I hate politics.

I hate greeting people in the morning.

I hate being confronted.

I hate awkward situations.

I hate stupid websites that are still rendering as I try to click a button and end up clicking on something else.

I hate paywalls for the news. Hint: don’t put your story on a news aggregator or on a search engine result if we can’t see the f*&ing story without having to pay for it.

I hate reality TV.

I love grape leaves.

“Dark Hot Chocolate with Kahlua?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


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Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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