The Batboy remembers the Mothman: West Virginia Mourns its Beloved Native Son

There are few American patriots in the pantheon of heros as beloved as Batboy.


Batboy by Dick Kulpa and Weekly World News (from Wikipedia)

Batboy, despite his penchant for stealing cars and biting people at random, discovered by Dick Kulpa in a scenic cave in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, a son of the Mountaineer State, like his cousin The Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, was also a war hero.

The Mothman, known for his combat exploits in WWII at Anzio beachhead and in Korea at Inchon, is a fair comparison to his countryman Bat Boy. The Mothman passed away peacefully yesterday at the VA hospital in Charleston with family and friends at his bedside.


The Mothman, American Patriot and Hero of West Virginians everywhere.

Only the Weekly World News was sharp enough to document Bat Boy’s exploits in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Although the passage of time often dulls the sharp edge of history, the genuine love and affection all Americans have for Bat Boy and the Mothman will live on forever in glory.

Batboy stepped forward in the State Capitol to remember the Mothman. “No greater love”… he said.

Here’s to you Bat Boy, wherever you are.

The Writers’ Workshop salutes you!


“Decorated American hero of WWII and the Korean War, famous for trying to warn the people of Point Pleasant West Virginia of an impending bridge collapse died peacefully today at age 92. The Mothman is being remembered as a treasure of the Mountaineer state as flags are flown at half-mast from Charleston to Wheeling. He was eulogized by inarticulate fellow West Virginian ‘Bat Boy’.

The Mothman, terrifying and creepy at night, urbane and sophisticated by day, wine connoisseur and vintner, philanthropist and war hero, beloved by the people of West Virginia, remembered for his concise speaking manner and bone-chilling red eyes has moved on. He will be remembered.

A descendent of Francis Harrison Pierpont, who broke West Virginia away from the state of Virginia in 1863 in the name of freedom and to oppose slavery, spoke at the Capitol following Bat Boy, declaring a three day period of mourning following by a cookout with excessive consumption of moonshine from mason jars.”

Peace be the Botendaddy


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