Why English is such a Dominant Language

English is what I call a ‘block language’.

It is a hybrid of three language groups: Germanic, Latin and Brythonic-Celtic (pronounced: Brigh-tawn-ick Kel-tick)

As a result of this blend of three different grammatical structures, the spoken language is almost grammar-agnostic.

Thus you can speak English using almost no grammar at all and still be understood.

Next, there are many different forms of English: British English, American English, African English, Caribbean English, African-American English, Spanglish (East LA, Floridia and Texas (pronounced ‘Teigh-hoss’)) and global business English, thus a universal non-grammar is adopted, so each disparate English speaker can interpret block concept without needing grammar. Grammar is presumed from context.


English speakers attempting to communicate using pharalingual uvulal larangyral nominative block declension case participle tense.

Example: a man is walking down the street bewildered and he asks a passerby: ‘me go store’.

The passerby with no tense or interrogative knows that the man is looking for the store. He points to the store and everyone is happy.

Or a woman says ‘airplane six O clock’ and she is downtown in a frenzy, we know that she needs to get to the airport or she will miss her plane.

If it was in French and a single accent is left off the final word of a three hundred word statement or in German if the fifth nominative declension past participle compound verb ending is not capitalized, each soliloquy is wiped out, rendering the native speaker in shocked incomprehension.

English speaker don’t play stupid, smarmy, shitty pompous word games with shitty English speakers. We are used to shitty grammar, so we just try to figure it out.

So say whatever you want in English. Just blurt it out like an idiot. We’ll figure it out. It what we do.

Peace be the Botendaddy




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