Scope Creep and the Deadly Reverse Plateau

Once you hit a goal weight, maintaining is as difficult as losing.

The plateau is a biological, natural adjustment period to weight loss. Once your metabolism finally understands that no more food is coming, the plateau breaks and your weight falls.

It also works the opposite way. You start cheating, but the scale doesn’t climb back up! Why? It’s a reverse plateau. Once your biology realizes it’s feast time again, the plateau breaks and your weight skyrockets.


Here are signs that your maintenance diet is falling apart:

1. You stop counting each and every calorie.

2. You count exercise calories against CI.

3. You do ‘extra’ exercise to stop the gain.

4. You start eating snack foods.

5. You use unnatural crutches like laxatives, prunes, water pills, diuretics or extended fasting.

6. You eat more frequently.

7. You don’t count your first weigh-in, hoping you will weigh less later in the day.

8. You have that extra portion.

9. You avoid the mirror.

10. You stop your daily walking or other light daily movement activity.

11. You feel happy with your ‘reprieve’ on the scale due to the lurking reverse plateau.


Accept that you are off the wagon and go back to strict recording of what you eat.

If it’s too hard to write it down, it means you are eating too much too often.

Force yourself to record every little thing so you come back to your senses.

After a week of the discipline, you’ll be OK

Peace be the Botendaddy



About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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