Things I Love

These are things I love. If you hate any of these things, then from the bottom of my heart: f%$k you! Opinions vary. Also no cheesy references to friends or family.


The ancient sky above Utonic Manor

  1. I love Cooperstown, New York
  2. I love James Fenimore Cooper
  3. I love Richard Matheson
  4. I love Twilight Zone
  5. I love Shirley Jackson
  6. I love ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’
  7. I love Manhattan
  8. I love ‘Taxi’ with Danny DeVito
  9. I love ‘Jeremiah Johnson’
  10. I love Kubrick
  11. I love Edgar Allen Poe
  12. I love cold weather
  13. I love hockey
  14. I love ice
  15. I love snow
  16. I love Canada
  17. I love Quebec
  18. I love Alaska
  19. I love the readers of The Botendaddy
  20. I love running in organized races
  21. I love lifting weights
  22. I love ice skating
  23. I love learning
  24. I love Pitt
  25. I love the U.S. Army
  26. I love horses
  27. I love the 1st Cavalry Division
  28. I love America
  29. I love friendly cats, not shitty one-eyed hissing cats
  30. I love some dogs, but not dog owners
  31. I love the woods in winter
  32. I love Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Tonga, Ethiopia and Russia
  33. I love Bosnia, Mostar and Sarajevo
  34. I love Croatia
  35. I love Luxembourg
  36. I love Paris
  37. I love Bath, England
  38. I love the British Empire
  39. I love Rudyard Kipling
  40. I love Queen Victoria
  41. I love Oliver Cromwell
  42. I love Khufu
  43. I love the Great Seal of the United States
  44. I love symbolism
  45. I love E.M. Forrester
  46. I love ‘A Passage to India’
  47. I love the original ‘Around the World in 80 days’
  48. I love ‘The President’s Analyst’
  49. I love ‘The Sand Pebbles’
  50. I love Candace Bergen
  51. I love Michelle Pfeiffer
  52. I love Jabba the Hut
  53. I love the Pittsburgh Penguins
  54. I love Mario LeMieux
  55. I love the Montreal Canadiens
  56. I love Jean Beliveau
  57. I love coins
  58. I love Archaeology
  59. I love Natural History
  60. I love Museums
  61. I love the Phipps Conservatory
  62. I love the Carnegie Deli Pastrami and Cheesecake
  63. I love being thin, but not trying to stay thin
  64. I love to eat
  65. I love to sleep
  66. I love to say whatever I want
  67. I love to interrupt
  68. I love birds
  69. I love the Ivory-billed woodpecker
  70. I love all the runner girls on my site
  71. I love my fellow dieting sufferers
  72. I love all the runner dudes on my site
  73. I love anyone who ever visits my site
  74. I love art
  75. I love German Expressionism
  76. I love wandering
  77. I love hiking
  78. I love the Appalachian trail
  79. I love West Virginia
  80. I love the Mothman
  81. I love Point Pleasant
  82. I love Harper’s Ferry
  83. I love Bailey’s
  84. I love Kaluha
  85. I love Mexico
  86. I love Yosemite
  87. I love Mill Valley
  88. I love Vancouver
  89. I love Grouse Mountain
  90. I love Ireland
  91. I love Bavaria
  92. I love Leipzig
  93. I love Belgium
  94. I love Wallonia
  95. I love Chocolate
  96. I love baby aspirin
  97. I love protein drinks, not shitty, sour energy drinks
  98. I love KFC original recipe
  99. I love Taco Bell
  100. I love salmon in any form
  101. I love spicy food
  102. I love Beetus Coffee
  103. I love the Beatles
  104. I love Elvis
  105. I love Johnny and Rosanne Cash
  106. I love old Country Music
  107. I love Don Williams
  108. I love jump jive
  109. I love Bing Crosby
  110. I love ‘The Caine Mutiny’
  111. I love Bogart and Bacall
  112. I love ‘Double Indemnity’ especially Stanwick and McMurray
  113. I love Jimmy Stewart
  114. I love Funk
  115. I love The Meters
  116. I love Status Quo
  117. I love The Ramones
  118. I love CBGB’s
  119. I love waking up late
  120. I love staying up late
  121. I love film noir
  122. I love Guillaume Appolinaire
  123. I love Die Brücke
  124. I love Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
  125. I love Berthold Brecht
  126. I love Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  127. I love Frederick the Great
  128. I love Jacques Brel
  129. I love Louis XIV
  130. I love Huis Clos
  131. I love the French Language
  132. I love the Vikings
  133. I love the Enlightenment
  134. I love the American Revolution
  135. I love Ben Franklin
  136. I love George Washington
  137. I love the Knights Templar
  138. I  love secret societies
  139. I love exploring
  140. I love interesting people
  141. I love friendly people, not shitty, hissing, stupid, mute, spiteful shitty people
  142. I love people who chat on airplanes
  143. I love riding on trains
  144. I love Amtrak
  145. I love York vintage weights and equipment
  146. I love restoring gym equipment
  147. I love teaching
  148. I love an audience
  149. I love being the leader
  150. I love people who don’t point out how much I suck, I already know you don;t need to remind me
  151. I love scoring goals in ice hockey
  152. I love preventing goals in ice hockey
  153. I love the smell of a wood fire in winter
  154. I love driving fast
  155. I love doing a lot of things at once
  156. I love selective listening
  157. I love keeping secrets
  158. I love mystery
  159. I love Talky Tina
  160. I love Burgess Meredith
  161. I love the old ‘Let the bodies hit the floor guy’
  162. I love Juggalos
  163. I love Tim Curry
  164. I love the old fat 70’s Vegas Elvis
  165. I love drum solos
  166. I love Ringo
  167. I love Mr. Wolf
  168. I love Tuco and Angel Eyes
  169. I McCartney
  170. I love to sit in the back of the room
  171. I love to sit in the back of the bus
  172. I love talking to people on airplanes, especially pompous shitheads who don’t want to talk
  173. I love Starbucks Mocha
  174. I love ribs with thick sauce
  175. I love to sit in the front row at the movies
  176. I love women who are easy to talk to
  177. I love women who smile
  178. I love women who don’t give me dirty looks
  179. I love women who don’t treat me like Frankenstein’s shitty monster
  180. I love women who don’t call me ‘creep’, then spray mace, then blow a whistle

More later


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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