30th Official Race of the Year – Slow Start, Strong Finish, Nasty Conditions

It was my 30th race of the year: incredible.

It was my 90th run of the year: not bad.


The Train-walk

I am less than 15 road miles from my annual mileage goal.

I don’t count treadmill miles, that is just pathetic.


The old mill

Only road miles are good miles.

My first 5k in two months.


Main Street

So, despite everything, the first mile was awful.


The old school

There was nothing wrong, I just had no energy.

Now, I must confess, that I ran, on one day’s rest… very rare for me.

My weight was creeping up towards the 200 mark.


Los hombres rapidos

The test: If I was at or close to 200 pounds, I go run.

I weighed myself in: 200.00 (I am 6’3.5″ so I am BMI Normal).

The Volant Christmas 5k was the only race in the region.

Slow start, a 9:53 mile. Not a big crowd, but the pack was thick enough and the slush was heavy.


The starting Queue

I’m not sure why I started so slow, but I picked up the pace and ended up just over 20 for the two mile, but under 30 minutes for the third mile. All in all not a terrible race, but it was doomed by a bad start.

The clothes are the problem.

  • Full sweats
  • UnderArmour long johns
  • Full length socks
  • Hat
  • Neck band
  • Gloves.


It’s a lot of extra weight. Plus, the roads, while cleaned to the best of the town’s abilities, were still slushy enough to force one to be a bit cautious.


A bold finisher

I dueled with a teenage boy and a young lady starting around the one mile mark, we were battling for the under 30 minute three mile. I prevailed… barely.

I did find a nice tea-shop where I got a toasted almond coffee. Not bad. Nice people.

Amazingly, the Stalker had been running with me the entire way.

“That was awful, what the hell happened to you? You were this great winter runner? You looked dead. You need lighter clothes, no more sweats. Oh by the way, I have my van here. Let’s get a shower at the truck stop and F&$K.” She stated, matter of factly.

“Toasted Almond Coffee?”

Peace be the Botendaddy and Goodwill to all Men.


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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