Michigan Called for Trump by the Alt-Right Librarian and a Five-Mile Trail Run

Another Five mile trail run.

I was joined by the librarian.

“I can’t believe you didn’t vote. I can’t believe it’s almost 60 degrees and I can’t believe that you can run in that enormous, tasty adult diaper.”

9:01 first mile. I swear I thought I was running faster than that. I mean WTF?



The Trail


“So Librarian, I know you are ecstatic about the whole Trump thing. My grandmother lived in the old Trump Towers in Brooklyn off of Ocean Parkway. It was shitty. My grandmother was the foulest-mouthed person I ever met. She taught classical languages in the NY Public Schools. I miss her now. She hated me too. My grandfather, we would sit in the apartment when they lived next to the ocean at Brighton Beach. I could hear the sound of the waves at night as I was going to sleep. My grandfather and I would drink red wine together at night. I miss him and I miss that shitty little apartment above the beach. Tempus Fugit. I sure miss New York.”

19:30 for two miles, not bad, not good.

“So Trump won Michigan, you stupid New York, Leftist, Commie, Pervert, Bolshevik, Pinko. The media won’t call it for him because it will give him a mandate.”



The Fall Season


I had no idea what she was talking about

“So, after today I will be 72 miles short of my all time mileage high. That bed, it was a shitty pull out bed from a couch. The blanket was a 1940’s era super thin worn out blanket. In the morning, in the summer, we would go out and get bagels, lox and cream cheese. We were English Jews so we looked like white people. Blonde, Blue-eyed, tall, we did not blend in Brighton Beach. I would get knishes and bagels. My grandfather would get vino and cheap pipe tobacco. My grandmother would go to the OTB. Everyone hates Jews, so when I would take the D train up to Riverdale, I looked like a WASP blue-blood. I could hang with the Anglo-Saxons. I must admit I admired them, no I loved the bluebloods.”

“I’m an Anglo-Saxon. Mayflower family, I didn’t know you were Jewish, you look English.”

Three miles 30:21, so-so, too bad we didn’t break 30.



Abandoned Equipment


“My people were in England since the time of the Savior, the beloved Lord Protector, His Excellence Oliver Cromwell, our patron saint. Every shitty Hebrew in England had a portrait of Cromwell on the wall. I guess they intermarried over time. So I’m a WASH, but not a WASP.”

Four miles, just under 42 minutes, not bad, not great. We tried to leg it out for five miles, but we had little left. Around 53 minutes. I needed a sub 10 minute pace to have a chance at breaking 60 on my next 10k.



The Campus


“Hey Botendaddy, I have an idea. Let’s go to your City Apartment and f&^k like wild dogs.”

“Carmel Latte?”

Peace be the Botendaddy



About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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