Fastest 10k since 1981!

It was cold. Thank god. 35 degrees.

The location

The location

There were lots of Veterans. A lot of Vietnam Veterans.

The Veterans

The Veterans

Those old guys and gals can really run.

The Jeep

The Jeep

It kept me highly motivated.

I ran with the Librarian and Hiroku as they are both veterans.

First mile split was 8:40 on the flat. I literally felt like I was running as fast as I could. 8:40? WTF? Pathetic? How did I fade so much?

The band

The band

Two mile 18:20. OK. Good news was my 5k split was just under 31 minutes. It gave me a fighting chance at breaking an hour.

Four mile split around 38:00, Five mile split around 48-something.

That last .22 was brutal. I knew I needed 57 at The 6 mile mark to have a fighting chance. I was just over 60. Brutal.

The Start

The Start

The hills were very… West Virginia.

The first mile was flat. I was running hard.

“Botendaddy, what the f&^% are you doing? You should hit 8 minutes easy? Those baby aspirin should have helped your pathetic oxygen uptake.” Said the librarian.

The second mile had a slight but long uphill, then it leveled out at the crest. 18:20?

“You are sucking wind Botendaddy. You look like a cartoon character whose legs spin, but he doesn’t move.”

The Finish

The Finish

The third mile started up went steeply down then steeply up all the way to the three mile mark. About 28 minutes, not horrible. We were close to 30 minutes at the 5k split. A 60 minute 5k was doable. The cold was brutal, 35 degrees. My body felt good, but my hands were freezing trying to hold my phone with the ever-involuntarily-‘pausing’ Map My Run App. PLEASE FIX IT FOR KHUFU’S SAKE, UNDERARMOUR!

“Does anyone know our pace?” I asked.

“Garmin!” Said the two girls in unison.

The run to the four mile mark once again was undulating terrain, but we ran very hard on the downhill to gain time. We Indian ran with a few people to keep the pace. We were about 38 minutes for the 4 mile, cutting it close.

More finish

More finish

Unfortunately, the fifth mile was almost entirely uphill. We hit it as hard as we could. Some people had to walk.

Mile six was steeply downhill and we hit it at an uncontrolled sprint, but precious seconds had already drifted away.

“Losing weight didn’t make you faster Botendaddy, you run like crap.” Said Heroku.

“Your form looks good, but the results are hideous.” Said the Librarian.

One of the bold ones

One of the bold ones

“I’m over 60 days within normal BMI, by the way. But it’s getting almost impossible to do 1,500 calories a day. It’s like nothing.”

I sprinted away from both of them at the 6 mile mark.



“Have you ever made love to two women at the same time, Yon Botendaddy?” Inquired Heroku at the finish line.

“Yeah, want to?” Added the librarian.

“I’m not sure that’s physiologically possible, but…Mocha?”

Peace be the Botendaddy



About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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