Youngstown International Peace Race 23 Years Later

I don’t often get to run in a race I ran before back in my great era of running 1991-1993.



Awesome Coffee House – I got an Espresso


The Youngstown Peace Race is one of the surviving races. I didn’t take pictures back then.



The Old Church


At the time, registration was held at the YMCA or possibly an elementary school. It looked like the same gym, but the neighborhood is now unrecognizable.



The New YMCA


Its one of the nicest courses in the country, winding its way through Mill Creek Park in the Autumn foliage.



The Dunkin Character


It was also cold the last time. I don’t think I recorded the time from that Race, but I may have.



Youngstown Proper


It was a comedic fiasco-disaster.

I remembered the last time parking at a school and getting a bus ride back to the school.

This time there were buses to take you to the school and you left your car downtown.

I found out with ten minutes to spare.

I had to drive as fast as possible all the way across Youngstown to my car.

I got there late, ran to the start line, (I was seven minutes late)



Bolschiewiczki Glorious Heroes of the Soviet Great Patriotic War and Labor Monument


So I ran as hard as I could to salvage the day. Thus my clock time was seven minutes off my official finish. Yes I broke 60 minutes, it was 59:57, but on the official score sheet it will be around 67:00. Sad.

So at any rate, I started catching the slowest walkers after about four minutes.

Then I started catching the slowest runners. I hit the mile mark around 15:30.

Then by the second mile I was around 24:00 so I caught the 12 minute pacers.



Bold Finishers


By mile three I was around 34:00 so I caught the 11 minute pacers.

Mile four around 44:00 and mile five around 54:00, so I caught the 10:30 pacers.

All in all not a bad comeback. Finished at a 10:40 pace, but my actual pace was 9:38.

Tragic I snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Then I had to walk back. Like 4 and half miles.

My phone was dying with my maps app as I walked. It finally died with a half mile to spare, but I was close enough to find it.



The Finish Line


I did get in like 16,000 steps though.

Body weight 194.2

48 days at or under 200 pounds.

51 days under 25 BMI.

By the way, salad dressing really is very bad for you.

My mistake cost me exactly 139 places in the race rankings. 139. Khufu!

Moral of the story: read and understand the race directions. After 23 years they could change.


Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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