We love our dear readers!

After over eight del.ic.io.us years of existence, the Botendaddy website would like to bow low and thank our dear, wonderful, beautiful, sensuous, tasty readers for your kind visits, likes and comments.

The Writer’s Workshop of the Bolean Nationality Classroom in the Cathedral of Yearning at Pittsburgh University would like to thank you individually.

“I am the professor. Thanks for tolerating the horrid grammar, tortured syntax and bad writing.”


“I am the CEO. Would anyone run a business like this? The Botendaddy, he’s yuuuge. Get ‘in outta here!”

“I am the librarian. How can you read this disordered jumbled $h1t? Jesus, find something to do with your lives!”

“I am the Swole’ Bro’. Botendaddy is an idiot he has no goals, unlike our readers who totally rock.”

I am the weird foreign Doctor Lady. I know you all want to examine the Botendaddy.”


“Do you really read this tripe, what are ya people doing, mon? My god what have we gotten to in the West? I am the Carribbean Queen.”

“Hey nice of you to support this sad effort. It’s got “nothing. It would never play on Broadway. I am the Punker Model Writer Chick.”

“I am madly in love with the Botendaddy. I hate sharing him. I saw him first. I am the Stalker.”


I am the Voat Fat People Hate Verified Shit Lady. The Writer’s Workshop are a bunch of fat, heffalump, FUPA, Deathfat, Laardvarks. Die! Die! Die! Fatties! O’ Lord Beetus! Take them all!”

“What an assh013 she is! I am Heroku. Our readers are lovely happy Unicorn sugar puff anime plum fairy joy fuzzy puppy kitten bunny star people!”

“What the hell is she talking about? I’m Devon. I barely know these people. Watching Botendaddy run is like watching wheat grow. It’s almost as tedious as this website.”


“I am Ramon! We don’t have bilge like this in Argentina. I hope nobody from my country reads it! The shame!”

“Ah the Botendaddy! What a prosaic genius. He paid me to say that. I am the Park Ranger.”

“Me Big Chief Guyasuta! Me walk around buck naked and claim Native American ritual privilege. Botendaddy is worst writer since Millard Filmore!”


“I am the Botendaddy. These are the Writers of the Bolean nationality classroom. Their work is literary bowel movement. Is is jejeune, derivative tripe. It is poorly-written plagiarism  and above all it fails to reach the depth of the writer’s experience.

At any rate, may I thank you from the bottom of my evil heart for your patronage. I love my readers in the most erotic, sensual and uncomfortably creepy way possible.”


Peace be the Botendaddy



About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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