PBR’s I’m trying to break: Goal Seeking

Now I’m setting my sights on these.

All should be possible especially the real weak Half Marathon and 10k times.

Recent PBR’s (2005)
Half Mile: 3:22
Mile: 7:01
Two Mile: 16:15
5k: 27:21
10k: 62:00
Half Marathon: 2:50:00

Black Squirrel

The tree of science

These? Forget it

Ancient PBR’s (Much Earlier)
Quarter Mile: 0:59
Mile: 5:45
Two Mile: 12:55
5k: 21:55
10k: 49:05

The road ahead

The road ahead

What slows me down?

  • Triple Malleolar Fracture Tibia, Fibula, Ankle, pins and plates removed – three surgeries
  • Split Fracture (Top-down) Left Tibia – one surgery
  • Hairline Fracture Left Ball and Socket Joint
  • Hairline Fracture Pelvis, L-5 and Sacrum
  • Crushed disc at L-4, L-5, Sacrum – one surgery

‘Ooh Botendaddy, 5k’s are for fatties!’

‘Ooh Botendaddy, anything less than 21:00 is slow!’

‘Ooh Botendaddy, how did you carry 110 pounds of gear in the Iraqi heat for 24 hours straight when you weighed 245? How did you run three half marathons in Iraq and several five k’s? Just because I would have wilted in the heat with my little skinny, pale teeny-tiny man-body and started weeping like a little girl? Is it because you are a real Alpha male and I’m an Omega male who doesn’t know what a real Alpha male is? Ooh Botendaddy, give it to me, Oh yeah, dominate me, take me! Ooh Botendaddy! Ooh Botendaddy!

“Iced Vanilla Latte?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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