Brutal Hill Run in Millvale, PA with the Track Coach

It was no joke.

My times were atrocious.


The urban muscular sewage grate

I should have taken a photo to show you, my dear readers.

The hill, which we approached at only a quarter mile into the run, was damn near vertical.

You literally could not drive up this hill without some kind of jeep or high-performance low-gear vehicle.

Back in the day, you could not take horses up this hill.

It was insane!

Cheesy suit of Armor

Cheesy suit of Armor

I thought I was going to have a dual pulmonary collapse, but I was determined not to walk it.

Then we made a turn down a terrifying two-lane mini-highway, it was pure ‘Frogger™.

Then we went up, and up, and up and up all the way to the 1.5 mile mark.

This was a hard-core urban town run. One of the hardest 5k runs I’ve ever done.

My main goal was to run the whole way.

The humidity was soul-crushing.



The coach was cool and professional though. He recommended five things.

Head up – so you can breathe.

Arms forward – not side to side.

Hips forward – to stay more straight up.

Run lots of hills – to get stronger.

Eat more protein, up to 110 grams a day.

Anyway, it is my lungs.

All that running I did to break 30:00 in a 5k and my lungs are still staggeringly weak.

This run was even worse on my lungs than the 15k.

Take him to the tree of 'whoa'

Take him to the tree of ‘whoa’

The good news is that I survived the steep hills and the early monster vertical.

I’m really not kidding, it knocked the air right out of me.

Then we actually went and got a local specialty Craft brewed beer, the Camp Slap Red at the Grist on Sherman Street. It was quite good.

At any rate, we will find out Friday night at the Semi-Great race.

Last year at the SGR, it was over 90 degrees, I was much fatter then, (I’m 206.6 pounds now, only 6.7 pounds from BMI normal at 6-2½, 16.6% body-fat).


My time last year in the Semi-Great race was 45:00. Terrible. I am going to go for broke. I want to break 33:00 no matter what, but after today’s performance, I’m just not sure.

“Grist Specialty Red Local House Brew – Camp Slap Red?”

Peace be the Botendaddy


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