The NATO Non-Article V service ribbon = Bosnia Veterans F*&k You!

Hi friends,

First of all, please contribute to the Red Cross or other charity for flood relief in Macedonia, Skopje was hard hit with many killed.

Most Tower

Merhaba! Rebuilding the Stari-Most

You know that I served in Iraq, but years before that, I served in our wonderful Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia.


Major Otsego on Podvelez

We are America’s forgotten Veterans.

  • Our mission was perfectly executed with no national disgrace
  • Overshadowed by the War on Terror
  • Unrecognized by the Bosnia Government
  • Given a disgraceful, generic NATO medal, the only medal in history with a negative word in it ‘The NATO Non-Article V service ribbon’ Gee, thanks…I think?
  • No Campaign Medal (Even Kosovo got one)
  • No Combat Patch (Getting a suntan in Bahrain, Qatar and Dubai did get you a patch though)
  • No Hollywood movies about the US Army in Bosnia (We don’t exist there either)
  • Greeted only by elderly WWII vets when we got off the plane in Kansas (God bless them, I love you guys, thanks for staying up all night!)
  • Ignored at the VA
  • No parades for us either
Zvornik Grenades

Grenade anyone?

Essentially we never existed.

Another Mosque

Mostar Grad

Please tell your President, Candidates and US Congressman and Senators (Who generally could not care less).

Blackhawk Down

La Chute de Faucon Vert

We are no longer asking. We demand:

  • Recognition (and a THANK YOU) from the Bosnia Government
  • A Bosnia Campaign Medal
  • A Combat Patch

We have been poorly treated and completely ignored.

Velez Mine Tape

Is that a minefield we’re in? But it’s peacekeeping!

Peace be the Botendaddy


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Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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