The Workout Year in Review

I was out for my daily walk after my workout.

I was joined by Ramon, the self-described h0m053xu4! *hot* Argentine bodybuilder.

“¿Botendaddy, what are you in….to, today, my dear? By the way, you look delicious! The tanned six-pack, the lean muscle. I must make love to you ravenously as soon as possible!”


Artistic Sky Shot

“Ramon, how did you find me here? You stalked me again, didn’t you, was that you sitting in the black Mercedes? Also, if you keep making love to me in every possible fashion, including that ‘thing’ you talked me in… last week, people are going to think that I’m {DELETED: TOO HOT TO PUBLISH}.”

“Oh, Botendaddy, no-one would ever know! I would never tell! I am too discreet!”

“You told everyone at the writer’s workshop!”

House upon a hill

House upon a hill

We walked up the hill by the park, cars passing us at over 70 mph on the 25 mph rural road.

“Oh, they don’t count! They are idiots! Besides you’ve f*&ked every single one of them repeatedly, including the 75 year old professor, tu prevert delicioso, te! ¡Me gusta, te quiero! So tell me what are you in….to?”

Well, here is my synopsis.

My Workout year started July 28, 2015. It ends July 27, 2016


  • Starting Weight: 286
    Current Weight: 212
    Pounds Lost: 74
    Waist Size 35.75
  • Bodyfat: 14.8%
  • Tan: Perfect
  • BMI 26.3
  • Height 6’2½”
  • Highest Life Expectancy BMI: 27 (Pretty close eh?
Nature Shot

Nature Shot

Hidden thought: The highest life expectancy BMI is actually about ten pounds into the ‘Overweight Category’ Why you Voat-Fat-People-Hate-Sh!tlord sexy, vulnerable, passive-receptive, scrawny, *hot* little twinks? Because Botendaddy has ‘big muscle’!

  • Miles Run 300.52
    Total Runs 62
    Races 27
    4k’s: 1
    5k’s: 20 (one nude *hot*)
    6k’s: 1
    6.5k’s: 1
    8k’s: 3
    10k’s: 1
  • Worst 5k Time 45:00
    Best 5k Time 29:27
    Improvement 15:33
    Best Mile Time 8:26
  • Weight Workouts 106

I did leg presses today, Blew out my hamstrings. I plan on running a 15k in this blistering heat on Sunday.”

Intermodal Site

Intermodal Site

“Ah Botendaddy, when you say ‘blistering heat…ah the smell of it! ¿What is the secret of your looks, your tan, your hair? You are like this sexy Dorian Gray person. Men who are much younger do not have such a sexy….body… Oh My goodness, I just 3j4cu14t3d on myself!”

“It’s true, only 15% of American men between the ages of 25 to 65 are within normal BMI and/or below 15% body-fat. I am the latter, close to the former.”



Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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