5k Goal Achieved! I broke 30 minutes. The State Line Streak 5k

{Note: there is no Personally identifiable information in this article. There are no identifiable characterizations of any individuals or of the environment.}

OK, many goals were achieved today.

This was the final breakthrough. Well, maybe not final.


The bridge to Ohio

  • 5k time: 29:27 fastest since September 10, 2005! Next Goal: 27:00
  • Three Mile time 28:22
  • Two Mile time 18:31
  • 2.5 k time 13:44
  • One Mile time: 8:40! Next goal 8:00
  • Pace: 9:29! Next goal 8:59
  • Waist size 36-2/3″ Next Goal: 34″
  • Weight loss: 69.8 pounds. Goal 90 pounds lost
  • Weight 214.2 Goal: 194
  • 14.3 pounds to reach Normal BMI.

Sorry Voat shitlady, I will never be a shitlord. I will always be a former fat.

It was a wonderful crowd of people. I can’t reveal any more about it.

  • The race was well-organized.
  • The staff enthusiastic.
  • The refreshments excellent.
  • The course a wide, wooded trail.

I thought that I would not feel as hot, since I was wearing (less) clothing. Not the case. It was 79 degrees and humid. It was not an uncomfortable way to run, either.

There were two identifiable hills, twice, (It was a 2.5k loop)


Meadow where I was working on the perfect tan.

My goal is to never have to walk a hill again, no matter how steep. I did not walk this time and it helped me keep a strong pace. I am going to re-run the Groundhog Jog in February and see what I can do: No Walking to Gobbler’s Knob!

The older runners and female runners were amazingly fast and strong, like wow. I think the winner was sub-6:00 pace and he was older than I am I think.

One of the 55 and up female runners ran in the 24’s sub 8:00 pace.

I did not run alone. Ramon from the writer’s workshop was there. I went into the outdoor hot tub of all places, and as I got closer, I could see that it was Ramon.

“Botendaddy”, he said, moving to an uncomfortable close perch inside the hot tub. “I observed many people telling you how good your body looks, especially with those wonderful and del.ic.io.us tan lines. You have lost 14 pounds since I “saw” you in Asbury Park. You have almost uncovered your entire six-pack and your tasty, anatomically perfectly female, banana-shaped, woman-breasts have almost totally morphed into pectorals. I ran behind you the entire race. Directly behind you. It was a marvelous experience seeing the perfect milky, white-tail contrasted against the tasty tanned body.”


Yes, it’s a real DeLorean

“Well, I have a couple of observations, Ramon:

  1. If you keep losing weight, I can run faster, up to a point. Once I reach optimal body-fat, then I can’t run any faster thanks to loss of body-weight and fat, so I need to train differently.
  2. For the 5k, I can’t get better if you only run a 5k distance in training. I have to run further. This will give me more endurance at the end of the race. Maybe even five or six miles on occasion.
  3. Hills. They are still killing me. Conclusion? I have to run steep hills as part of my training course. I must suffer through them. The steeper and longer, the better.
  4. Speed training. Fartleks? I don’t know what the hell that means. The word just sounds stupid. I have to train your heart to handle the pace. I still feel winded by the half-mile mark. I’ve been working on trying to get my first quarter-mile under two minutes. I am also trying to start my sprint at around the 2.6 mile mark so that I sprint the last half mile. I am also working on the elusive eight-minute mile.
  5. Terrain. I am trying tougher trails but at race speed. The variation helps.
  6. Lower body work. You can’t neglect your legs in weight training. I started doing a six- exercise leg sequence again.
  7. Flexibility. Stretch gently, but stretch well.
  8. Eat more protein. You need some muscle to run faster.
  9. Avoid hard surfaces. It causes too much damage to the back, knees, hips and ankles.
  10. Walk every day.

What’s my limit? I don’t know. Can I break a 27:00 5k? Probably this year I will. Can I break 24:00? I just don’t know.”

“Botendaddy. You are now magnificently beautiful. I am an Argentine, as you well know. My Latin passion cannot be so easily controlled when faced with such a tanned, delectable form such as yours. I must make love to you for hours on end. You must utterly submit your most vulnerable places to my desires in the most passive manner possible, so that I can probe your yielding depths magnificently. We must leave this idyllic place immediately before I go mad.”



Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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