How I Lost 60 Pounds

“I’m fat, Botendaddy.” Said the Carribbean Queen, looking out of my hospital window.


View from the hospital window

“I’ve always been an athlete, but I’ve always been too fat for my liking. I think people probably make fun of me for it. How can I do what you did?”

First. See a doctor to find any health impediments to exercise of adjustments to diet. You need a full physical and bloodwork.

If you already exercise, keep doing it, but record it on My Fitness Pal.

Record your starting weight. It’s OK.


The Flatiron

1. Install two apps on your phone: My Fitness Pal and Map My Run both by UnderArmour. This is not an advertisement but just the product I used. Or use something with the same capabilities.
2. Month one: record all your calories consumed every day (you’ll get the hang of this). Every calorie, be honest it’s a self assessment. See what you really eat. It’s OK. Don’t be afraid.
3. Remain patient. Don’t get panicky, don’t feel pressure to lose, don’t hate your body. Don’t feel judged by others. They don’t pay your bills, they don’t walk in your shoes; the hell with their opinions.

Record your weight again, it could go up, that’s possible. This part is about information.



Ah the roaring 20’s boardwalk Empire

4. Month two: do not count calories. Just start to make better choices. Don’t bring bad food into the house. Even if you eat at Chipotle, get the salad, not the burrito for example. Mixed fruit instead of bacon and eggs at breakfast, no 1,000 calorie+ meals, smaller portions, f/x. Little changes, not at every meal, not every time you shop, just slowly get into new habits.
5. Still month two: cut out your two favorite vices. Mine were sugary coffees and teas and any form of chocolate. You are allowed one of your two vices once a week and no more. If you like coffee, get the 90 cal espresso not the 400 cal latte. A little sugar is OK (if you are diabetic, please consult your doctor).
6. Keep the diet balanced, don’t eliminate sugar or carbs or protein or fat (unless you have a medical condition again, consult your dietitian)


Manhattanhenge Solstice

7. Walk every day at least 20 minutes, watch your calories burn on the Map My Run App. (If you have a medical condition, ask you doctor for an alternative exercise, i.e., if you are in a wheelchair maybe go manual for your walk or swim)

Weigh yourself: I lost only four pounds by now, but: I wasn’t gaining anymore. I reversed the trend.
8. Month three and beyond to: pick a moderate calorie count you can live with, mine was 2,050 at 6’2″ 280#. (Your calorie goal will be different. But adhere to the calorie count no matter what. Also, if you are ready to go to bed and you only ate 1,700 don’t allow yourself to ‘eat up’ to 2,050.
9. Accept plateaus, they will be 3-10 days, every other week no mater what you do, you cannot exercise or starve your way out of a plateau. Just be patient.
10. Drink lots of water. You can get kidney stones if you don’t.


The Mighty Empire State: Excelsior!

11. Weigh yourself every day, without emotion or reaction. Record your weight in my fitness pal- it’s a marathon not a sprint, your weight will ALWAYS fluctuate.
12. Every 5% weight loss,  adjust your calorie count. Your getting thinner, you need fewer calories to maintain the weight. It’s human anthropology.
13. The so-called ‘starvation effect’ is overcome by: walking every day, reducing calories every 5% weight loss and cheating at one meal a week on different days to trick your system, or a theee days cheat-feat every three months. Keep your body guessing.


Americana: the Genre of the True American Writer

14. I reiterate. Talk to a dietician or your medical partner in case you have an medical issues before starting a diet and exercise program. My physiology is different from yours.

15. Never ever count your exercise calories burned against your daily calorie count, it’s cheating. I call it a calorie undercount. It’s awesome.

16. I don’t use artificial sweeteners, I’ve read that they may cause hunger and insulin reaction, but others disagree. I don’t take the risk.
17. Find a buddy who wants to do this with you. Son, husband, wife, gal pal…

18. Set a goal: get out of the upper half of Obese BMI? get out of the Obese BMI altogether? Get out of the Overweight category?

“I’ll give it a try O’ yon wise Botendaddy. Now make love to me with your lean. delicious, muscular body, your perfect tan and delectable  skin. Ah the smell of it!”

“Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?”

Peace be the Botendaddy



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Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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