The Botendaddy is Running in NYC June 11th

Runners of the Northeast.

(I know, only like two people in the world actually read this.)

Seriously. Look at yourself. Sitting around the house. Sitting at your desk at work. It’s just pathetic. Get on that dirty inter urban bus and head for a weekend in the Big Apple. Don’t just run around your shitty neighborhood getting chased by the same shitty dogs. Come to The City! Run with the Botendaddy.

The Botendaddy is running in the 5k Race to Reduce Bullying in Battery Park City, Lower Manhattan on June 11th.

It will be my first New York race, in like dot, dot, dot forever.

Be the first to join Botendaddy and I will buy you lunch at the Carnegie Deli.

Here are the rules. You have to figure out who I am while you are at the event, during registration, warmups, the run or the aftermath. This doesn’t mean figuring out my real name, I hate that. It’s figuring out which of the runners is the Botendaddy.

No pathetic excuses for not joining me for lunch. Like ooh, you’re so terrifyingly creepy, like a hideous, murderous birthday clown.

The second person who identifies the Botendaddy will get lunch only if they beat me in the race, which means you have to calculate all of your 5k race times over the past two years, then divide by the number of races. The difference is my handicap. You understand the rest. Then I will buy you lunch as well.

(If you didn’t know, lunch at Carnegie Deli is really expensive.)

You may also only refer to me as ‘The Botendaddy’.

Peace be the Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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