Wheeling West Virginia: WVNCC 5k

This was a nice one, flat course, cool weather.

Steampunk Alley

Steampunk Alley

The crowd was pleasant. The setting starting from the old B&O Railroad building and the old seat of government for West Virginia during the civil war.


The Unionist

There are lots of quaint old buildings. Ohio is right across the river.

I started about as fast as I could. My first mile was 9:55 I hit mile two at 20:58, the three mile at 33:47, also very fast for me.

I was doing an Indian run with a group of about three women for the first half of the race.

Most of it was along the Ohio river, very scenic.

One of the young women faded at the halfway point in the trail by the river.

The other young woman ran way ahead.

The third woman I was right with until about 2.6 miles then she remained about a hundred yards in front of me the rest of the way.


The start line at the old B&O

I accidentally sweated on the MapMyRun app and it paused at 2.10 so I was not sure of my time. It’s too bad because I ran a 35:02 and I could have certainly run 9 seconds faster and broke my fastest 5k since 2008. Oh well.

Awesome Wheeling retro Building

Awesome Wheeling Retro Building

The people were nice. I actually spoke with one young lady. Might I say she was quite beautiful, with striking red hair and blue eyes. She was lean like a runner. She was quite proud of having just run a 33:00, down from 35:00. Nice kid (that means under 40).

Losing weight helps. I’m faster but I’m still at the back of the pack. When I was running 46:00 when I started out last year when I was most bloated I was also at the back of the pack.

Basically only a few runners and the walkers were behind me.

The winner looked like a track coach. He was about six feet tall and weighed maybe 140.

He passed me at my one mile mark and his 2.1 mile mark.  Very classy guy, everyone there seemed to like him.

33:00 looks like a much tougher goal.

Maybe I need to lose the next ten in order to do it

By the way, I broke the plateau. I’m only 5.4 pounds from my next goal.

The race shirt was awesome.

They had pizza and salad after the race.

Everyone cheered you on.

It was very well conducted.

Anyway it was nice to run in Wheeling, WV, if you like architecture, it is nothing short of amazing.

The people are great as well. It’s what America is supposed to look and feel like.

Recommendation: 5 stars. Get to Wheeling, find this race next year and run it.

Peace be the Botendaddy


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Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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