I have now officially lost 25 pounds

Forget all this dieting and running rigmarole.

Let me put my critic hat back on.


Another Botendaddy Sunset

I did not care for Prince. Didn’t hate him, didn’t  love him. Didn’t care for his music or his persona. Seemed like a cross between Little Richard and James Brown.

Yes, he wrote his own music and material. I respect him, he just didn’t interest me. I did like the crazy symbol and the ‘artist formerly known as’ gag.

I’m tired of claiming someone is so great when I don’t like their music. You know what I mean, the music doesn’t move you. Here are similar artists I neither love nor hate:

Springsteen: sorry, Woody Guthrie you ain’t

Billy Joel: overdone balladeer

Bob Seeger: depressing

Fleetwod Mac: no interest, although I love Holiday Road from the Vacation movie and Tusk wasn’t too horrible

Yes: Can’t think of one song they made

Michael Jackson: not that impressed. Just because you like him doesn’t mean that I have to.

Roy Orbison: boring

Bette Midler: maybe if I was 87 year old Jewish female from Brighton Beach…btw Happy Passover to the tribes of Judah and Levi…

Beach Boys: no

Journey: chick music

Lady Gaga: can’t name one song….

Captain Beefheart: he never existed

Iggy Pop: he never made any identifiable music

Zappa: same thing

New York Dolls: same thing

Meghan Trainor: If I was rich, I would pay you to stop

Whitney Houston: Aretha you ain’t

Adele: I know when Amy Winehouse died, Britain needed a diva, but can you write more than one song?

Celine Dion: Lorsque vous chantiez en français, oui, comme <<Ziggy>> mais en anglais, c’est pas la peine de m’inquiéter. Il y a rien à dire.


High Noon at the Museum

Peace be the Botendaddy






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Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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