Dieting and the horrible plateau

I was sitting on one of the enclosed sun rooms at Botendaddy Manor Estates, my huge sprawling mansion complex in the woods, perched high atop a ridgeline.

As I was pondering the white snow on the newly sprouted green plants, I considered the morning weigh-in. I have been inching up by tenths of a pound. I believe for at least three days in a row. I had already cut my calorie intake from 2,050 to 1,950, so I cut it again today to 1800.

Early Spring Snowfall at Botendaddy Estates

Early Spring Snowfall at Botendaddy Estates

I have a few theories:

  1. I’m not measuring calories correctly, they may be higher than MyFitnessApp ™®© reports. They can only go by best estimates or what info they get from food suppliers anyway.
  2. The calories I’m consuming are too processed and may be too high in sugar. This makes them very easy for the body to break down. For example, if I ate vegetables and fruit, or even meat and eggs, they contains more fiber or more protein for the latter and is harder for the body to process even if the calories are the same.
  3. I’m more sedentary than I predicted, requiring a lower calorie threshold in order to lose weight, or stepping up additional exercise, such as walking at lunch, even though I run twice a week and lift weights twice a week,
  4. My body may be burning fat and building muscle which keeps my weight the same, but is making me leaner at any rate.
  5. I may not be drinking enough water, making it harder for the body to process nutrients.
  6. There is a theory that if you burn too much muscle, i.e., diet too low in protein, this causes the body to react more vigorously to the lower nutrient level. So it resists burning muscle and tries to glean every calorie out of everything you eat, meat, fiber, whatnot.
  7. I have a tendency to try to eat up to the limit of my calories at the end of the day, even if I am not ravenously hungry, thus eating more than I would have in the first place.
  8. My scale could be inconsistent, but I doubt it.
Going too low in calories, changing the distribution of food groups, not drinking enough water can all be dangerous, so don’t trust me, talk to your licensed physician first, then your nutritionist. .
I’m going to run later today. Amazingly it’s about 30 degrees out there. Perfect weather for me, though.

About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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