Winterfest 5k Trail Run, Portersville, PA



Moraine State Park. Next to a fair sized lake.


Cold, blustery. First race of 2016.

I did horribly. I started slowly, ran hard but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I paced against three groups. One was a pair of young women. I never caught them.

The other was a young man, I never caught him, lost him at the 2.5 mile mark as he disappeared in front of me.

Last was a nice young family. They passed me at the three mile mark as did some dude I never even saw was behind me.

The path was mostly dirt trails. A nasty little flight of woodland stairs were hard on the knees, there were at least three slippery wooden footbridges.


The only failing, for its first inaugural run was that they ran out of shirts.

One must understand that the shirt… is everything.

How to rate a run:

  1. Can you find it? (I can tell horror stories)
  2. Does it start at a reasonable time?
  3. Does it have adequate parking or is it right off a train line. (I hate buses)
  4. Do they have official timing?
  5. Do they have adequate water stations?
  6. In the winter, do they have hot cocoa or the like at the start?
  7. Are the staff friendly and helpful? (As we are giving money to your event, you should be nice)
  8. Are the turns adequately marked so you don’t get lost?
  9. Do they have a nice bling bag?
Pet peeves: the staff at each mile marker or turn cheer on various groups of runners. Often people they know. What always happens when I run is there will be several groups of runners in front of me and several behind me. The staff loudly cheer for the groups in front of me. I come lumbering past… dead silence…then the next groups come by…loud cheering.
Conclusion: As the late registrants GOT NO RACE SHIRTS due to poor planning.
Not having enough shirts will save a few dollars for your cause, but not keeping the sacred commitment of rewarding all runners with shirts creates ill will. I will be forced to put this race on the ‘Not Recommended List’
This is pure anti-Botendaddyism.
P.S. it was cold as sh&t out there.
Peace be the Botendaddy



About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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