Harmony Silvester Celebration 5k

I ran my final race of 2015 in the small town of Harmony on New Year’s Eve. It was an afternoon race.


Presbyterian Historical Society Collection

I have a few observations, all of which are profound.

Harmony furry and elf broad

Harmony “furry” and elf-broad companion (in background)

OK I ran it. Some very tough hills. Quaint little town. Nice people. Lots of serious runners. Unexpectedly large crowd.

I paced neck and neck with a pair of young women. I caught them at the three mile mark, but it was a steep uphill to the finish and I had nothing left. Those rural broads blew me away.

I don’t know what happened. For a hill race I did better than in most previous hill races, but not as well as I would like. I found that I do worse in hill races and in races later in the day. Although I’m not a morning person so it is strange. I will give my plan below.

But, someone broke a cardinal rule. It is Ok to pass someone in the last 100 yards, but just as someone is within 10 yards of the finish line? Not cool. Two youngsters did that to me. But I should have seen them coming.

It was damn near dark by the time we were done and it was cold, blustery with a hint of snow the whole way.

My time was 2:32 slower than the flat course in Canfield. My finish was atrocious. I lost the will to sprint. I should have sprinted the last quarter mile at least, but in the late winter evening gloaming I couldn’t see a thing.

Harmony 5k Crowd

Harmony 5k Crowd

I met all of my fitness goals this year. All of them. I even lost about 12-15 pounds or about one stone depending on the scale.

Here’s my plan to run faster in 2016.

1. Run more often in January and February. By run, I mean outside. I ran only once across the entirety of these two months last year and it killed my mileage and my number of runs for the year. There is an indoor track at the University, so I will try to get there at least once a week in the winter months.
2. Lose weight. The more I lose, the faster I get. I’m averaging about six minutes faster in 5k’s since I’ve lost the one stone. My goal this year is to lose at least 2 stone plus.
3. Eat better. That goes with number 2.
4. Run hillier courses in training.
5. Do more trail runs on difficult trails with steep hills, mud, rocks.
6. Run in intense weather conditions: heat, humidity, snow, rain, cold, ice.
7. Sprint every last half mile in training, full bore sprint in the final 200 yards.
8. Start faster in my races. Pick a pace for the first mile and meet that time even if it burns me out for the rest of the race.
9. Run at least three 10k’s this year, goal of a half-marathon at the end of the year. in 2015, I ran one 4k, nine 5k’s and two 5-milers (one of which was a brutal trail run).
10. Find a running partner for at least one run a month.
Finally I must do more lower body work in my weight workouts. I’ve been dogging it on squats and deadlifts.

Happy New Year’s!

Peace be The Botendaddy


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Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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