Jingle Bell Run 5k – Canfield, Ohio

This was a good course. Located on a huge fairground south of Youngstown, Ohio.

This was my first Ohio run since I did the International Peace Race in Youngstown, back on a very cold October 3, 1993.

There was an overflow crowd. So many people were still registering at race time that they had to start the race about a half-hour late, which was apparently fine with everyone there.

It was 50 degrees, humid and windy at race time. Due to the delay, I walked the almost half-mile back to my car for my dose of baby aspirin. I barely made it back in time for the start of the race.

Remember, never take aspirin without the strict, brutal, extreme and precise advice of a duly licensed AMA-certified physician.


Nice folks all in all. Weird ankle chip timer Velcro thingy.

I started OK, but not quite as fast as I wanted to run. I may have lost up to 15 seconds at the start due to the thickness of the pack. I ran hard the entire race. I’m not used to running on a hard surface. I can’t hit the ground hard enough. It was almost all flat, total climb was only 45 feet, but…it’s Ohio.

There were square turns and slight hills. The first mile was dead square on my GPS. The second mile about .02 off. Not bad. The finish showed 3.19 on map my run, but who knows.

Towards the end, there was a big guy I was trying to catch. He was a big strong dude and moving fast. I caught him at the three mile mark and I had to do a dead-on full sprint to the finish to stay ahead of him. I ran so hard that my right leg was becoming numb.

They were a lot of women running in pairs. I was jockeying position with them. Later it was moms or dads who were running with sons or daughters. I ran past them as well. I have no shame. I did get beaten by a couple of seven year olds, though.


But this young lady did better than all of us, I will never complain about my endless lower body injuries again:


If you want to find a really awesome rural Americana-style run, this is a good one, even if you have to travel a good ways to get there.

btw I eclipsed my highest annual distance since 2008 with this run. So I did it. Everything now before the 31st is a bonus.

Peace be the Botendaddy.


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Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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